Bedroom Nook/Cranny
Interior pano…the stitching kinda twerk’d the stove pipe, but you get the idea :)Wood paneling from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, collected from a demolition at George Lucas’ house..!  Heat guard inspired by my dad’s landscape paintings on copper; Stove from the trash pile at my families place in Texas; hat from my friends at Stetson, plants from the yard, so on and so forth!
As of winter 2014.  Home sweet home!
In full effect!!!
A Second Coming, indeed.
Building the bedroom pod.
Photo: Nick Cook.
Interior, from front door looking back.
Breaking in the fireplace..
Interior, from bedroom-pod.
Chimney, check!
Wood stove in, tiled, and copper heat guard in place - its amazing how cool the walls and tiles stay when the fire is going.
Kitchen from above, in process.